Temporary deployment of technical staff in the 24/7 industry

SAB Detachering

SAB (Stichting Centraal Administratie Bureau) was established in 1950 by Koninklijke Hoogovens and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Originally as a subsidised port pool, but SAB later continued as a temporary employment agency. At the request of Corus (now Tata Steel), BuildingCareers set up a secondment organisation for managerial staff, particularly engineers, in 2008. In 2015, the pool of production staff was transferred and SAB Detachering continued independently as a secondment agency for engineers. Naturally, we have kept the salary administration in our own hands: knowledge that comes in handy in all our activities.

Due to changes in industry and the labour market, SAB Detachering and BuildingCareers have been working together since June 2021 under the name BuildingCareers. One label and one point of contact for both employees and clients, where the match with the right job is paramount – whether that job is for a short or long period of time.